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Piatra Craiului Trips

Piatra Craiului Trips: enjoy the views, the nature, the legends behind the mighty Piatra Craiului Massif

Piatra Craiului National Park covers an area of 36 hectares on the territory of Brasov and Arges counties and has everything to arouse the curiosity of explorers. Tourists who want to take any Piatra Craiului Trips and explore Piatra Craiului National Park have to pay a symbolic entrance ticket. An expedition to Piatra Craiului must start in the Zărnești Cliffs. It is a hike of a few kilometres, but the route is accessible to everyone. The area is famous for the landscapes it offers. The beauty and wilderness of the place have made the Zărnești Cliffs a film set. It was here that scenes from “Cold Mountain” were filmed. The area was also the set for a Rammstein music video.

Piatra Craiului TripsThe cliffs are a gorge cut through by high cliffs and a winding road. In some areas, the cliffs on either side of the road appear to touch, which makes for a spectacular walk. If it’s sunny outside, there’s a kind of play of light between the rocks and the sun’s rays that is extraordinary to watch. The cliffs of Zărnești are also loved by mountaineers and climbers. Dozens of trails are set up in the walls of the gorge. The longest is 115 metres long. Still not convinced? Read further.

Virtual Visit in Piatra Craiului

The Visitor Centre in Zărnești of Piatra Craiului National Park is certainly a unique experience. Tourists can practically see Piatra Craiului in all its splendour without having to climb the mountain. But the images will certainly convince them to choose one of the Piatra Craiului Trips available. With the help of touch screen devices visitors can see landscapes of Piatra Craiului and learn all about the flora and wildlife that live here, as well as the rocks that make up the massif.

They can also take a virtual tour of the tourist routes. All at the flick of a hand. The centre also has a model of the Piatra Craiului and a walkway where tourists can climb to admire it from above as if they were on the mountain high above. The visitor can project any map he wants and virtually admire the entire Piatra Craiului massif. The visitor centre is located 1.5 km from Zărnești, at the foot of the Piatra Craiului massif in a beautiful natural setting. The area can be reached by car or on foot from Zărnești.

A cottage over 100 years old

The Plaiul Foii Cottage is over 100 years old and was built for hunters in the area. It is now a tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful huts in Brasov. It is located at the foot of the Piatra Craiului Mountains, near some important and well-known natural monuments in Romania: Cerdacul Stanciului, Grota Stanciului, Dâmbovicioara Cave, Prăpăstiile Zărneștilor or Marele Grohotiș. For a traveller, these names may not mean much, but once you chose any of the Piatra Craiului Trips, you will discover their beauty.

Accommodation is available here. The hut has 15 rooms and a restaurant offering traditional hunting dishes. The hut is located 12 kilometres from Zărnești and can be reached by car.

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